​Transpersonal Therapy
Claire E Braddock, HPS

Claire provides
 Transpersonal Therapy with Empowerment Counseling and Spiritual Education.
In addition to providing Transpersonal Therapy, which comes from your own inner truth and wisdom, Claire also provides Multidimensional Readings & Healings, which come from the wisdom of the Universe.
These processes are very separate yet sometimes intertwine, depending on what you are wanting to discover, heal and create.​ 
Transpersonal is defined as dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

Transpersonal Therapy is a type of multidimensional reading that focus on the health of a person's Spirit.  This type of therapy puts an emphasis on a person's spiritual path or spiritual enlightenment during their life.

  1. Private & Secure

    All sessions are private and confidential. Claire uses the Click4Advisor platforms which are "double blind", private, and secure systems.
  2. Call or Chat

    No appointments necessary. No more waiting to talk to Claire or the hassle of scheduling an appointment. You can connect with Claire immediately.
  3. Fast & Affordable

    Sometimes we just need someone to be there for us during times of emotional distress and uncertainty. In a 15 to 30 minute session you can get answers, clarity, and guidance.
  4. Mobil App

    Download the Click4Advisor mobile app for Android and iPhone and make all your immediate sessions with Claire just a click away.